Our objective is to do a sustainable business in different verticals’ maintaining the organizational culture to be the best in the industry.


Our vision reflects a principles-based approach in which rules are not affirmed and daily operations decisions are guided by our values, with references to other resources as desired.


Our mission is to redefine the lives of people and the planet. We want to leave our print on globe & enhance people's lives.


As our company evolves in tandem with the world we serve, our values serve as a fixed frame of reference for how we function and behave. Company’s value focuses on our people's resourcefulness and the purpose.

Export & Import

The Export-Import industry is the backbone of today’s economic world. The whole world is doing export and import of the products as per the requirement and this is the base of the trading industry. This business vertical is the most important part of today’s business because Geo-Politically without the export and import the world cannot maintain the sustainability of the needs of different types of products in the market.

GSG wants to enter this industry by the means of export of several products from India to the world market. India is a source of a lot of good products with cheap prices as this would help and support the world market to fulfil the demands of the products.

Our goal is to solidly position ourselves as a leader on a global scale in export & import services. We would exert all of our efforts to ensure that we have a sizeable global stake in the export & import services by advancing the value of trading the highest quality goods available to retail consumers worldwide at the most competitive costs.

Starting with raw materials, our export-import operations will expand to include parts, goods, and machinery for associated joint ventures. We would follow on shifting manufacturing overseas, operate as a distributor for foreign businesses across the globe, and conduct regulatory research in addition to routine trade to stay up with the changing business climate. This expertise will enable us to swiftly and completely address our clients' trade and financial needs.

Construction Services

To be regarded as a construction company that offers the full range of construction-related activities and services, nationally and internationally, compared to the finest in the business.

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

GSG Globexim offers turnkey solution in a multitude of sectors including power, energy, infrastructure, engineering procurement & construction, consultancy research & publication, tourism, entertainment, real estate, export-import, health & welfare.